transforming the microcosm of the self to the macrocosm of the planet

Our Philosophy

Find your true nature in nature

We are on a mission to inspire people to reconnect with their true self and nature, because personal and planetary wellbeing go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other.  

We believe that undergoing a collective consciousness shift is vital if we want to see any sustainable change in the world—for our external world is simply a reflection of our internal world. We can then begin to restore our relationship with the earth and each other and journey towards a regenerative future where all can thrive in harmony.

Along with sharing enlightening content to support you in aligning with nature’s rhythms and wisdom, we offer Ayurvedic wellness and beauty products that are made with purpose and integrity to nourish you and honor the earth. 

So please join us on our journey of knowledge and inspiration to live a life of wellness, balance and joy in connection and service to the very earth which we are intrinsically part of. 

And may you find your true nature in nature.

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Rasika, founder/CEO

Since I was a little girl my fondest and most profound moments in life have been in nature: running through the sunflower patch on the farm next door, swimming in the creek with my dog, and camping and hiking in Maine every summer. It was during these early years that I developed a deep gratitude for nature’s nurturing embrace. With a desire to care for and protect Mother Earth in reciprocation for all that she gives us, I got my bachelors and masters degrees in environmental science and spent most of my 20s working for the EPA and environmental nonprofits. As a certified Ayurvedic Counselor from Kerala Ayurveda Academy and a bhakti-yoga practitioner for nearly 15 years now, I believe there is no other way to truly heal and restore the planet without also endeavoring to heal and restore our ourselves as part of nature and spirit. This is why I created Conscious Earth to spread the awareness of living in harmony and at one with nature for both our own wellbeing and that of the planet.



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