A note from Rasika

I envision a world where all of living and nonliving creation is symbiotically flourishing in harmony.

I believe that in order to realize planetary wellbeing we need to reconnect with our essence and our sacred bond with the earth and Spirit. 

Undergoing a collective consciousness shift is imperative if we want to see any meaningful change—for our external world is but a reflection of our internal world.

As my spiritual teacher Radhanath Swami writes, "even if we manage to clean the air, rivers, and oceans, people will pollute them again unless they reform their internal ecology...reducing carbon emissions is important, but it's shortsighted when not coupled with reducing the toxic emissions from the heart."

We must heal our broken relationship with earth and rediscover our truest selves as parts within the whole. This does not happen independently, but rather are interconnected; in the very act of serving others and the earth, we find and fulfill ourselves. In taking the deeper, inner journey of exploring the sacred truths of nature and our existence we can elevate our awareness, restore our sacred bond with all of creation, and become renewed as one conscious earth.

Conscious Earth is a space of knowledge and inspiration to transform the microcosm of the self to the macrocosm of the planet.

In radically transitioning from the predominating paradigms of empty and superficial individualism, competition, and materialism, riddled with greed and exploitation, we can return to ourselves and experience a spiritually profound and enriching life.

I sincerely hope you find inspiration and guidance on your journey towards regenerative living and that you discover the health, fulfillment and joy in reconnecting with your true self, nature and spirit

with well wishes,