Vata Dosha at a Glance

Vata is described to be just like the wind blowing and scattering everything all around. 

Vata is composed of the elements ether and air. Vata is the energy of all movement, activity and transportation and is responsible for functions such as breathing, circulation, speech, and absorbing nutrients. Vata qualities are derived from ether and air being dry, light, cold, rough, subtle and mobile

Due to these qualities vata people tend to be slim and slender, short or tall with prominent bones, dry skin, and thin hair. They tend to have a restless mind and are always on the move, talking and doing a lot and sleep lightly and have variable eating habits and digestion. 

Vata in its balanced state manifests as inspiration, intuition and creativity and causes necessary endings for new beginnings. When imbalanced it can manifest anxiety, fear, and emaciation and pain.


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