Regenerative Paradigm

Sustainability by and large it is based on a scarcity mindset of avoiding resource depletion to maintain ecological balance. It is also often framed within our current capitalist model as a structural component, a policy or dimension to society, when in actuality sustainability or unsustainability is embedded in culture, meaning the collective foundational beliefs and values predetermine if a culture is inherently sustainable or not. Although we've made marginal steps forward, the planet is in an ever more troubling state. What we need is to transform society from within. It's time for a radically new paradigm.

Regeneration is based on an abundance mindset of life-enhancing, resilience-building, healing, and enriching for total planetary wellbeing. Many traditional, indigenous and ancient wisdom cultures are inherently regenerative because they are based on reality that we are within and part of nature so naturally we respect, give gratitude and reciprocate with nature to not only to sustain harmony, but bring a continual renewal of abundance and flourishing.

We must return to the heart of and relearn traditional, indigenous and ancient wisdom cultures' beliefs, values and knowledge systems which were inherently sustainable, regenerative, and can reveal the pathway to planetary wellbeing.

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