Pitta Dosha at a Glance

Pitta is described to be just like the sun radiating all heat and light.

Pitta is predominantly composed of fire with some water. Pitta is the energy of all transformation, conversion and heating and is responsible for all body and mind functions such as digestion of food and thoughts, discernment, and body temperature. Pitta qualities are derived from fire and water being hot, sharp, light, oily, acidic, mobile and liquidy.

Due to these qualities pitta people tend to be of medium build and height, with strong muscles, prominent nose and chin and penetrating eyes. They tend to be very orderly, precise with their words and actions, goal-oriented, always planning and on time. They have a strong digestion and can get hangry. 

Pitta in its balanced state manifests as intellect, vision and leadership. When imbalanced it can manifest anger, criticism and inflammation and heartburn.


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