My gift guide based on enneagram type

Tis the season of gift giving! Yet sometimes it's more stressful than joyful in trying to find a meaningful, thoughtful gift that's perfect for your loved one and also ethical and sustainable.

Here is my gift guide curated from my shop of organic, plant-based products that are made with purpose and integrity.


ONE: the perfectionist

  • Purifying Black Cumin Seed Cleanser: anything that has the words purify, detoxify and cleanse in it that is quality, practical AND also good for people and planet is holy perfection.

TWO: the helper

THREE: the achiever

  • Radiant Saffron Serum: a gift of high quality glowing skin from the inside out to match their external successes is a win-win for everyone!

FOUR: the individualist

  • Natural Incense and Meditation beads: a thoughtful, profound and unique gift for the self-aware and contemplative mind to retreat inward and find their true selves.

FIVE: the investigator

  • Eastern Spice set: with a hand written difficult specific Indian dish recipe to inspire the curious cerebral to concentrate and focus on creating a culinary masterpiece.

SIX: the loyalist

  • Nourishing Immunity Tea and Night Time Tea: for the committed hard-working, responsible ones to find deep comfort, rest and ease within their body despite all of life's stressors and uncertainties. 

SEVEN: the enthusiast

  • Renewing Sandalwood Mask with Rose Water: it’s a whole fun experience! Give the gift of sensory indulgence with all the lush textures, aromas and the excitement of a spa day in one's own home.

EIGHT: the challenger

NINE: the peacemaker

  • Body Oil and Fortifying Hair Oil: remind our self-neglecting loved ones that they are special and significant and deserve regular self care just like anyone.