Moon Bathing

Moon bathing or gazing can restore balance to our body-mind system and revive our connection with nature and spirit.


According to Ayurveda, moon bathing or gazing is a meditation practice that can have a profound influence on our body-mind system as well as revive our connection with nature and spirit.🌕

The yogic texts say it is especially powerful to do during the autumn full moon (October 9), which marks the start of a sacred month wherein spiritual practices of prayer and meditation are especially potent. If you don’t already have a spiritual practice and/or you find it hard to start or steady, today is a special day to try and begin with this simple practice as you ponder the nature of existence.

Simply expose yourself to the moonlight outside, or gaze at the moon directly for some time, especially through tree branches to fix your focus and attention.

Soaking in the moon’s cooling and soothing afterglow can benefit you by supporting sleep, relieving stress and calming the mind and senses which allow you to become relaxed to redirect your awareness inward. This opens up space within to feel your interconnection with nature and discover a deeper sense of spiritual existence that bonds us all.

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