Kapha Dosha at a Glance

Kapha is described to be just like a river flowing slow and steady.

Kapha is composed of water and earth. It is the energy of all integration, growth and stability and is responsible for functions such as lubricating joints, strengthening tissues, and maintaining stamina. Kapha qualities are derived from water and earth being heavy, slow, soft, cool, static, dense, moist and smooth.

Due to these qualities kapha people tend to be well-built with round facial features and thick luscious hair. They tend to be very loving people who are good listeners and like to keep the peace and for everyone to be happy. They are heavy sleepers and have weaker appetite and slower digestion. 

Kapha in its balanced state manifests all perseverance, nurturing and contentment. When imbalanced it manifests lethargy, possessiveness and stubbornness, obesity and diabetes.


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