Essence of the journey


The essence of the journey is not what you do, but the consciousness with which you do it…

If we are preoccupied with the externals of what we are doing—position, salary, type of work, etc—and how it's perceived then we have fallen into the pitfall of style over substance. Culture conditions us to replace the inner journey of self discovery, which is the wellspring of illumination and flourishing, for an outward push in external roles and achievements. We may find ourselves thinking, 'should I be doing this or that?' and all the doubt and confusion of ‘getting it right or wrong.' But this is just the small minded ego muffling divinity’s brilliant desire to unfold in you.

When we mistake life's purpose for appearance, accomplishment and accolades we sign a contract that loans out our self worth to the fickle fluctuations of the temporary roles we play, things we do and other’s opinions about it. We essentially choose a counterfeit currency to value ourselves rather than claiming our inherent wealth within. 

We can spend much of our life performing, pleasing and perfecting to superficially attain that sense of self worth, worrying so much about the container of life rather than its contents. In placing the focus and motivation on external goals, actions and outcomes—even with the best of intentionswe create ripples of disturbance both internally and externally. Internally we feel the incessant pressure that we have to do better and be better to be loved, accepted and appreciated and externally we perpetuate the subtle violence of envy, competition and division. When we live our life this way we are constantly trying to prove our superiority and disprove our inferiority resulting in a life of endless emptiness inside riddled with anxiety and lamentation. This is because we are living a life diametrically opposed to the truth of life so the inevitable result is deadening to our soul.

If we can ground into the truth of life itself being inherently sacred then we can loosen the vise grip of our ego's fictitious story we tell about ourselves and who we must become and what we must do. By redirecting our focus on the quality of our consciousness and bringing it in alignment with truth, the energy of life flowing within and without will naturally guide us. We need not create value to be valued, we need only to recognize and embrace our value and be led by life's divine hand. 

Ironically, everything we do from this state of consciousness is actually truly potent and impactful to the world. It is in this connection with divine truth that we can tap into our creative gifts and be a source of service and compassion to others. No longer is what we do an independent endeavor to manifest in order to earn our place in the world. You get more comfortable with being drawn one step at a time, then scheming up the entire thing prematurely and falling a part when it doesn’t go to plan. There is less of a seizing the moment and more of awaiting the revelation moment to moment. And it is the string of moments of consciousness that creates a life that truly lives. To live in the mystery of life with the faith that you are being guided is a beautiful act of surrender and the greatest journey of them all.