7 Signs It's Time for a Kitchari Cleanse

  1. Fatigue
  2. Poor sleep
  3. Variable appetite
  4. Skin and hair issues
  5. Irregular bowel movements
  6. Mental-emotional imbalances
  7. Weight gain that won’t come off

From an Ayurvedic perspective, ama or toxins come from both our environment and metabolic waste, or undigested food due to poor digestion. 

As these toxins accumulate in our various bodily tissues and channels, disease and imbalance are created in both the body and mind.

If you are experiencing some of the above common signs of the buildup of toxins, we recommend considering a Kitchari Cleanse, especially during the fall season as a means for rejuvenation and strengthening the body to prepare for the cold winter months.

Unlike crash/fad diets, a Kitchari Cleanse is a nourishing mono-diet for a week or longer of a traditional ayurvedic dish. Kitchari is made of rice, Indian lentils (yellow split mung dal) and healing spices that is easy to digest and balancing to the body and mind. 

Check out our delicious and easy Balancing Kitchari recipe and look out for exciting new offering coming later in November to support you on your kitchari cleanse journeys. 

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